Revert to Disarray: Life After Horror & Romance - New work by STEFANOS ROKOS

The Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery is proud to present

Revert to Disarray: Life After Horror & Romance

Show runs from THURSDAY 6TH JUNE
to MONDAY 27TH JUNE 2013


Charting the space between acuity and confusion, detail and dissolution, contemporary Greek painter Stefanos Rokos arrives in London with his first UK show.

It’s a world you’ve already spent some time in, I suspect. You turn your back on a compelling stranger only to find just colours, smoke, and memories. Any. Friday. Night. And who doesn’t smile in recollection of that near riot down the guitar bar? Sure, your friends will be along presently, little punctures in the chaos, and yet that sense of an ending gathers, reflected in the waiting lenses arrayed across the room.

In these works the senses will meet their match. Details are perceived, yet evade our grasp. Women might be muses, imperilled, but always fatales. Men find safety in numbers, hoping to cope with the fantastical. And music is ever present, filling each silent canvas as we revert then, to disarray.


Alexander Mayor

Program of live music throughout exhibition month:
Performances start at 8pm each Thursday in June

6TH JUNE - Matt Friedberger solo (The Fiery Furnaces)
13TH JUNE - Stef Kamil Carlens solo (Zita Swoon Group)
20TH JUNE - Alexander’s Festival Hall
27TH JUNE - Piney Gir

All the acts performing during these four weeks have also participated in the making of “Horror & Romance on Another Planet”, a music compilation that Stefanos Rokos curated and released instead of an art catalogue for his last solo show in Athens three years ago. Lead by previous collaborations and/or friendship, he asked artists that he knew and admired to compose and record music inspired by his work.


Half of New York’s The Fiery Furnaces, inventive, absurd and as prolific as one can be (last year he completed his 8 lps solo box set as well as an original instrumental motion picture soundtrack for a non-existent horror film), Matthew Friedberger will be presenting his custom made compositions inspired by the exhibition.


Key figure in bands like dEUS and Kiss My Jazz during the 90’s, Stef Kamil Carlens from Antwerp, Belgium, soon chose to focus on his very own special project, the band/collective now called Zita Swoon Group. From the early days of Moondog Jr to the contemporary stage performance of “Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist” and his recent collaboration with traditional West African musicians, though, he still remains a dedicated singer-songwriter too, often showcasing his intimate one-man live thing in it’s simplest form.


Former Baxendale member and long time Piney Gir collaborator, Alex Mayor (aka Alexander’s Festival Hall) just released his very first brand new full length personal album called “Not a dry eye in London”!


Born in Kansas, USA, but based in London for around over a decade now, Angela Penhaligon has been playing (and possibly making) music since the age of four. Her unique taste on pop and country led her from her first record “Peakahokahoo” in 2004, to “The Yearling”, to the Piney Gir Country Roadshow touring band, to the “Jesus Wept” and her latest “Geronimo!” lp produced by Los Angeles’ Rob Campanella.



Stefanos Rokos is a greek contemporary artist, born in Athens in 1977.

Academic Studies

1995-2000: Studies painting and printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

1999: Attends lithography classes at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Αrts in Paris, within the European programme “Erasmus”.

2001-2002: Degree of Master of Arts, MΑ: Print from the Wimbledon School of Art in London.

Solo exhibitions

2011: “Horror & Romance on Another Planet”, CK Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2010: “Horror & Romance on Another Planet”, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2010: “Horror & Romance on Another Planet> The Prequel”, International Contemporary Art Fair Art Athina 2010, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2008: “First Contact With Nature”, International Contemporary Art Fair Art Athina 08, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2007:  ”After Dinner”, International Contemporary Art Fair Art Athina, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2006: “Painting”, Art Gallery Yiomisti Kefali , Sifnos Island, Greece.

2005: “Noise and Useful Objects”, Agathi Gallery , Athens, Greece.

2002: “Painting”, Art Gallery Αmymoni , Ioannina, Greece.

2001: “Painting”, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece

Since 1999, he has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
In 2009 he presented, in collaboration with musician Orestis Karamanlis, “Imago Dixit”, an interactive installation (painting, sound and realtime gesture capture).

In 2010 he presented the art/music project “Horror & Romance on Another Planet”, with the participation of 18 musicians and bands from Greece, UK, USA, Canada and Belgium. (more info :

He has created the artwork for the covers of cds by Bobby Conn, Krista Muir, Interstellar Overdrive, Sigmatropic, Pavlos Pavlidis, Foivos Delivorias and Christos Leondis, as well as posters for theatre performances, concerts and films.
From 2002 he is a member of “Kormoranos”, a Non Profit Company involved in the field of cultural events. (

Stefanos Rokos will present his new set of works “Revert to Disarray” in two solo exhibitions in May and June 2013:

16-19 May : International Contemporary Art Fair Art Athina , Athens, Greece

06-27 June : Neu Gallery, London, UK



1. Loyal to the Campaign for a Beautiful Terrorism (174 x 134 cm)….. £7000
2. Chess (120 x 80 cm) ……..…..………………………………….………….. £5000
3. Revert to Disarray 1 (135 x 109 cm) …………………………………….. £4000
4. Revert to Disarray 2 (133 x 103 cm) ……………………………….……. £4000
5. The Crowd, the Moon and the Rain (135 x 109 cm) …………………. £4000
6. Too Many Birds (133 x 103 cm )…………..………………………………  £4000
7. More than 204 Shots (125 x 90 cm) …………………………………….. £4000
8. Specific Cases ( 90 x 74,5)….………………………………….….………. £2000
(Horror & Romance cd  £10 each)







  • October
  • Mat Collishaw, Charlotte Dualé, Wolfgang Ganter, Isabelle Graeff, Phoebe Collings-James, Sarah Lederman, Polly Morgan, Boo Saville, Volker Sieben, and Tim Noble & Sue Webster


  • November
  • SEEN…
  • S.C.U.M & Matthew Stone, An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump & Martin Sexton, V.E.G.A.S. Whores & Adham Faramawy, Project:KOMAKINO & Ciaran O’Shea